DBS Dry Blood Spot online LC elution WorkStation Medium Capacity

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A highly efficient and fully automated system for online Dry Blood Spot extraction to LC. Avoids the need for punching and manual extraction which are time consuming, error prone and complicated. The cards are stored in racks and handled by a special gripper. Extraction of analytes from blood spots is typically accomplished in 3-5 minutes. Internal standards are directly infused in the extraction flow. Analytes can be pre-trapped or separated directly on the analytical columns.. Includes valving system for backflushing of columns between samples. Can be integration with Analyst, Xcalibur, Empower and ChemStation as well as other data systems. Barcode reading and other functionality can be added as options 
HTS-xt Platform adapted for automated Dry Blood Spot extraction
  • Extraction clamp module, card gripper
  • Dilutor for Internal Standard addition
  • 2x column switching valves and drives
  • Card tray holder and 2x card trays for total capacity of 28 cards 

    PAL macros and cycles which handle the DBS are included with the system. It is expected that the customer either purchase Cycle Composer or already has a Data System which supports the PAL and can use the included cycles.